What is Dragonica?

Dragonica is a Free to Play Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Action Game (MMORPG) created in a cute manga anime style allowing you to experience a fantasy world filled with dangerous creatures, epic battles, unique characters and everlasting adventure. You and your friends will explore far away exotic lands on the most incredible adventures imaginable!


A Free to Play Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Action Game...

  • You can download and play Dragonica absolutely free, all you need is a Laptop or PC, a gPotato Account (which is also free) and an internet connection.
  • Massively Multiplayer games are capable of supporting thousands of players in one persistent world simultaneously. Simply put, that means there is plenty room for you and all of your friends to play Dragonica together at the same time.
  • There is no offline mode in Dragonica, you can login to your account on any PC and play any of your characters anywhere. No need to worry about backing up game saves, or working out how to connect with your friends over the internet you simply need to login and start playing!

  • Many MMORPG’s do not offer the exciting side scrolling hack and slash style which Dragonica has to offer. It’s much faster paced than many similar RPG games; importantly you do not need to be a rocket scientist or mathematician to understand how to play while still retaining a level of depth and advanced features for curious players. With 1000’s of Story and Class driven quests the Dragonican story evolves as your character progresses. Learn professions and produce special items, become a couple with another player and ensure you are never questing alone, and join fellowship raid groups to tackle the hardest of bosses in the game. Make the most of the action with your keyboard and mouse or alternatively plug in your gamepad and take it to the next level, the fast paced fighting is perfectly suited to whichever way you prefer to play.

...Set in the World of Dragotaka

  • A thousand years ago the evil dragon Elga rose to power. He was obsessed with the throne and used the five elements of the human world to bring an everlasting darkness to the land. Many people followed Elga out of fear, and it looked like he was going to win until the five heroes arrived. They captured him with the help of the good dragon Dekard and peace was restored. But now the darkness is spreading once more... Journey through the continents of “Elyades” and “Melanathos” filled with an array of fierce creatures under the control of the dark witch “Paris”. It is your mission to restore peace to the land of Dragotaka. Journey along with your friends at your side and you will discover dark and dangerous dungeons many of which will test the skill of anybody that dares enter.



  • You can choose between two different races which both have entirely different classes. Each race has their own race specific cities, NPCs and quests to explore.

  • The humans of Dragotaka have spent the last thousand years recovering from the last time Elga unleashed devastation and now Paris the Black Witch, and Elga, the Dark Dragon Lord, are threatening the peace the Dragonicans have worked so hard for. Join the Dragon Fellowship and ensure Dragotaka remains at peace. The humans inhabit most of the world; their largest cities are Port of the Winds and Libra. As a Human you can become an Archer, Warrior, Magician or Thief.


  • The Drakan are a very mysterious, peaceful race. Usually isolated from the rest of the inhabitants of Dragotaka they have returned to ensure the many years of peace are not about to end. Their fierce warriors will do anything to ensure the protection of peace among the world. As a Drakan you can become an Amazonian or a Shaman.


Where You Choose Your Own Path...

  • Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses and as you progress with the character class of your choice your path will become specialized and eventually an all-powerful RPG hero. These job progressions will vary from a Warrior progressing to a Knight and then becoming a trained Gladiator, and then the powerful PvP class, the Dragoon. Choose the Magician and your path may lead to become a combat ready Battlemage wielding the most powerful of spells or perhaps learn the destructive capabilities of the support class, the Cleric. Alternatively join the Drakan and become a mighty Shaman, learn how to summon and control spirits and master the elements, or perhaps you wish to become a tricky Amazonian, agile and skilled in martial arts and work your way up to become a skilled Dragon Fighter. These choices will be given through hero quests at various levels, so pick your class and level up to become a saviour of the land and the ultimate Level 80 hero of Dragotaka!


  • Customise your character with a vast range of clothes, hairstyles and fashion accessories and become the most unique player in the land.
  • You can become a couple with another player and should you wish, get married in the beautiful wedding hall. Couples receive a special buff, there is nothing you can’t do with the power of love. You will always have someone to rely on during your adventures in Dragotaka. You never know what you may find around the next corner.
  • Rent your own personal apartment and decorate it with items of your choosing, there are many different furnishings to choose from, including seasonal items! MyHomes offer you the chance to obtain buffs from furniture items, so they’re definitely worth checking out. You can even have your friends over and have a party!

...Continue on Limitless Adventure

  • PETS
  • There are two different types of pets available. Regular Pets are loyal companions and will follow you into any battle; they can provide you with stat boosts not to mention the fact that they are all seriously cute. Secondly there are the deadlier Riding and Battle Pets. You wouldn’t want to go anywhere without one of these trusty creatures, train them up, care for them well and they will prove to be extremely useful. Not only will they get you around Dragotaka at great speed, but will fight alongside you in battles and help you pick up the loot! Every Dragonican should have one of these great pets.


  • Most areas in Dragotaka have Mission Maps. These are where you can find each area’s boss. There are several different Mission Map modes to choose from, Arcade Mode, Chaos Mode and Hero Mode. Different modes are required for certain quests and you can obtain unique rewards from each. Different modes are required depending on the current quest, and rewards vary for each. The number of rewards you receive upon completing a Mission Map is based on your performance. It’s recommended you join a party before entering a Mission Map. For an added challenge, the fast paced and experience rich Defence , and Strategic Tower Defence modes are a great way to level up and hone your characters skills against the relentless waves of enemies in this free to play online action game.
  • The Dragonica Dungeon system is a unique experience that gradually increases in difficulty as you progress, whether you decide to play by yourself or in a party together with up to three of your online friends you are sure to enjoy the story based adventures of the multiple boss characters. Collect valuable and rare loot dropped by these bosses to equip your character with the best armour and weapons in the land. Experienced players will face their greatest challenge in taking on the powerful Lavalon, Bone Dragon and Elga bosses.

  • You can group up with friends and create a party or a fellowship, Dragonica’s Raid Party, to join forces with friends and strangers alike and defeat evil bosses, conquer a dungeon or even just make questing around Dragotaka that little bit easier. A party allows up to four players to work together on the same quests and share loot and a fellowship allows up to eight players to work together and conquer the hardest of dungeons, such as the Black Claw Nest, Elga’s hiding place. Guilds allow any number of players to band together, complete cooperative Guild Quests and fight other guilds in Emporia Wars, part of Dragonica PvP system.
  • Learn many different professions from three different core disciplines, gathering, processing, and manufactue. There are four main professions which span the three disciplines each complimenting each other. They are Logging, Mining, Herbalism and Fishing; each allowing you to craft many different items including some that improve your weapons and armour helping you on your journey across Dragotaka and Battle in Epic PvP Combat... When you are not exploring the vast and colourful lands of Dragotaka you also have the option to test your skill against the other European community members.

Battle in Epic PvP Combat…

The three PvP modes in Dragonica let you challenge other players in an arena of your choosing, Practice mode allows you to test your strategy without any risk of affecting your ranking, Ranking mode requires you to be prepared for anything your opponent might throw at you, your wins/losses will be counted. Battlesquare puts many players up against each other in a capture the flag style combat. Emporia Wars gives guilds the chance to battle each other for control of the Emporium, areas exclusive to a particular guild that can be built up using guild EXP for various benefits. Guilds need to qualify for the Emporia Tournament by first entering the challenger tournament and become a champion guild.

FreeToPlay-Online-English-Manga- MMORPG

...Your Journey Begins

As you begin your journey you will be accompanied by the helpful little creature “Pororing” who will guide you through your first steps in this unfamiliar and exciting new land. Battle weary players can return to the picturesque towns of Odelia and Port of the Winds and enjoy the sights and fun of the friendly community and stock up on items before setting off on their next fun RPG adventure!

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