Soul crafting and item enhancing is a fantastic way to upgrade your favourite weapon or armour to make it even more powerful for taking out enemies or to gain an edge in PvP battles.

Enchant shift allows you to move your enchant from one weapon to another that has a level requirement of up to 10 levels higher. This is very useful if you wish to move your enchant to a new weapon as your character is levelling up or you decide you want to change your weapon and want to move the enchant onto the new weapon.

Enchant Shift How To:

To begin an Enchant Shift you need to go to Production Master Max in Port of the Winds, select Enchant Shift from his options menu.

You will be presented with the following menu:

Place the weapon you wish to move your enchant from into the top box:

and then place the weapon you wish to move the enchant to in the bottom box, in this example the enchant is being moved between two of the same weapons but you may move it to any other weapon of the same type. You will be presented with a number of additional options at this point:

The options now displayed around the weapon you wish to shift the enchant to are the possible outcomes of the shift and the percentage chance of each outcome. The outcomes range from failing completely or -2 to +2 enchant change after shift. For example if the weapon you are shifting the enchant from is +10, without the use of insurance scrolls your shift could fail and the enchant would be lost completely, or it could result in the weapon you are moving the enchant to becoming +8 to +12. Your weapon has to be at least +5 if you wish to shift its enchant. Careful, some conditions are explained on the top left box on which item can have its enchants shifted. For example, your cannot shift the level of a weapon which is +10 and Advanced to an Normal weapon. However you can shift a +5 Advanced weapon to an Normal one.

Luckily you can use Insurance Scrolls (or an Insurance Shift Transfer Scroll in the “Failed” box) to choose which outcomes you wish to allow, simply add insurance scrolls to the outcomes you do not wish to happen, if you have more than one type of insurance scroll which will work in your inventory you will be given the choice of which one to use, read their descriptions carefully as you will probably want to use the cheapest possible scroll (there is no point using an Advanced Insurance Scroll when a Regular Insurance Scroll will suffice).

You are now ready to attempt to the item enchant! Press the Shift(F1) button to begin! Good Luck!